the salon is our sacred place

Your intuition led you into our chairs and for that, we’ll always give our most to honor the trust you literally put into our hands every day. As a salon, we took the time to set our intentions and have begun taking steps toward introducing a more elevated experience that infuses top styling techniques with wellness-rooted beauty ritual practices.

Who we are

what we stand for is all that we are.

Our salon is a woman-run collective that believes hair stylists are healers. To us, the salon's a sacred place, and ours serves hair goals + the soul. We work so clients are inspired to see themselves in their highest image, and honor their hair's well-being as well as their spirit's. For us, it's all about empowering you to practice your beauty rituals + to make them an essential part of your self-care journey. The salon's approach is a holistic one. We use Davines products, which blend all-natural ingredients with today's leading technology to create formulas that protect your hair's integrity. Our hair editors, who are more like hair alchemists, are top certified + focus on offering an experience that exceeds our clients expectations. At Salon Gigi, we create an environment where inner beauty, wellness, inclusion + laughter are celebrated, because at the core of our space's intentions, it's about lifting your light within, stepping into your power, and radiating your natural goddess energy.



color services

Our entire staff of hair editors, who are actually more like hair alchemists, are trained + certified to offer full bleach + toning services. What this means is, no matter your natural hair color, if you're finally ready to embrace that inner ice queen or phoenix, you should call the salon today. We'll set up a quick consult to pair you with the perfect hair editor who can guide you to the color of your dreams.

Davines Shampoos and conditioners

Davines products

why we

choose davines

We use Davines products, not because they come from Italy or because they smell great (which they do), or even because the packaging looks the prettiest (which it does). We use Davines because they're dedicated to developing game-changing formulas that utilize the highest quality natural ingredients + scientific rigor to create lines that solve every need for every hair type. Basically, your mane gets the care it deserves without all the harsh chemicals. Oh, + their recycled packaging respects the planet’s health, as well as yours: less carbon means less pollution your hair absorbs. 

the practice

of embeautyment 

Our Creative Director Monica, will begin transitiong her time behind the chair to help mentor + bring her vision of spiritual self-care to fruition. While she will still be at the salon full time practicing her standard services, she will also be focusing her efforts toward mastering a new practice called, the Embeautyment Method. This Method integrates wellness with beauty through a set of 19 mind, body + spirit practices. It's a holistic approach to beauty that provides results beyond just hair health, because it also offers clients inner healing by infusing mindfulness, loving-intention + gratitude. Ask her about it the next time you see her at the salon.

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